If you are reading this, you are probably interested in augmenting your instruction methods. From our perspective that's GREAT. However, we are not specialists in teaching, so we can't offer much help on anything other than the technical aspects of using our system.


We have observed that teachers use our system primarily in 3 ways:


1. In-class instruction (very limited)

In this model, a teacher uses the resources in one of the brain systems to augment the actual instruction period of the material. The most feasible method of this approach is to project the brain onto a smart board in the classroom.


2. In-class student work

In this model, the students perform independent or team learning using a workstation and the BrainTrax site.


3. Out-of-class resource (most common)

From that perspective, then, here is what you need to use our system:


       A Windows PC (not a Mac) connected to the internet at 28.8Kbs or faster. Faster is better because we have LOTS of images on our pages (every equation is an image, every graph, every chart you get the idea).


       Your computer's screen resolution MUST be at least 800 x 600 and at least 256 colors. However, nearly every page will display better on a higher resolution. We recommend 1024 x 768 and 64K colors as a good setting.


       Your web browser should be Internet Explorer version 5.0+ or higher. Most of our system will run on IE 4.x, but some of our more sophisticated scripts will not perform properly on this browser. Netscape browsers are not supported.


Regardless of which model you pursue, all material in the BrainTrax site is designed to complement and augment already existing materials. It is not a textbook! True, much of the material is more comprehensive than most textbooks, but the BrainTrax System does not replace the pencil and paper approach to learning mathematics.


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