Here are some projects we are working on to improve upon what we have already accomplished:


       Update of Calculus I Brain


In order to provide the best online mathematical instruction possible, we are hoping to one day soon begin updating the Calculus I Brain (and maybe even the Calculus II Brain) to meet the Algebra Brain standard of instruction. The current Calculus I and II Brains contain sketchy information about subjects relating to calculus with little of the detail or rigor that our Algebra Brain users have come to expect and appreciate.


The Trigonometry Brain is fully operational.


       Teacher training


As always, we hope to encourage more and more teachers throughout Missouri to utilize our materials. All mathematics teachers in Missouri are welcome to use the BrainTrax system to enhance their students' learning. Some instruction on how to effectively use the BrainTrax system is usually beneficial to the teacher.


Teachers Guide

This is no longer in development due to the lack of participation by teachers.


Teaching with BrainTrax Workshops

We have several opportunities for teachers to become involved in the BrainTrax System over the course of Summer 2003.


We are offering a distance-algebra course sponsored by the University of Missouri Rolla Mathematics Department to give interested students a chance to earn college algebra credit. We need high-school mathematics teachers to be mentors for these students to answer any questions they may have (mathematics-related or otherwise) and to administer the Missouri S&T Algebra Exams. The Final Exam will be taken by the students at the Missouri S&T campus on December 15, 2003. Successful completion of the distance-algebra program gives the students 3 credits of Algebra and may allow the student to progress directly into the Calculus I course upon enrolling at Missouri S&T.


Teachers involved in the distance-algebra course must attend workshops on July 25, 2003 and August 8, 2003.




An entirely new web-delivered learning environment is being developed for release in August 2002. It will still use the Brain for navigation, but we are also including better teacher/student management tools, including tracking the student's learning path, and certifying that a student truly understands the material. BT3 will include content, interactive real-world applications, homework sets, and interactive exams to test student comprehension over the material.


We are currently soliciting Missouri junior and senior high school mathematics instructors to help us participate in a grant study to determine the effectiveness of BT3. Interested teachers who wish more information on this project or who would like to become actively involved are invited to contact us:


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