Welcome to the Algebra Brain in a Nutshell!

The Algebra Brain in a Nutshell is a stripped-down version of the actual Algebra Brain. Clicking on "Algebra Materials" in the menu to the right will reveal a submenu with several more menu choices. Each menu item contains one or more of the following:

We highly recommend that instructors develop their own lesson plans for using the BrainTrax System. Doing so will give those teachers a better understanding of how the BrainTrax System actually works. Teacher-developed lesson plans can also be made available to other instructors via our website. The more lesson plans that are developed, the larger the pool other instructors have to choose from.

The two links below will download MS Word documents to your computer. Simply choose a destination folder to install the documents and then use Word to access them. The first is an explanation of the actual form. The second is the Lesson Plan Form itself. To use the form in Word, enter the requested information in each of the gray fields of the form. Then print the form.

Instructions for using our Lesson Plan Form

Lesson Plan Form

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