The BrainTrax System is not just for students. It is also for teachers. Not all schools have access to the same high-quality mathematics resources. Any Missouri school that has internet capability can obtain access to the BrainTrax learning materials, such as the content, worksheets, and even sample exams.


Why the BrainTrax System exists


This BrainTrax System exists for one reason only: To enhance student success at Missouri S&T.


Every student attending our university requires instruction in mathematics. Many of them have no problems with the material. Of the ones that have trouble, many can struggle through the courses. However, there is a significant percentage of students who cannot grasp the material. These struggling students are our primary market segment.


Our materials are written for the struggling student. We put the concepts in language they can understand. We also use this navigation tool (the Brain) because it associates math concepts for the student. For whatever reason, it appears that our system works, and makes a difference in the student success rate (in lower level math courses, anyway) at our university.


Additionally, we have determined that students who use our system in junior-high and senior-high level algebra instruction can also benefit significantly from using the BrainTrax System. We expose students to rigorous mathematical thinking, training them to not only compute answers, but understand the answers they obtain in the context of the problem. Many of the examples provided in the BrainTrax System are based on real-world situations, requiring a real-world, hands-on approach to solving them.

Below are a few links to other resources for teachers. We do have a few requirements teachers must follow in order to fully utilize our system. The Algebra Brain in a Nutshell is a complete summary of the Algebra Brain in a printable document form (*.pdf). It also contains lesson plans for several of the Basic level thoughts as well as worksheets to supplement classroom instruction. All of these are provided free of charge to Missouri school teachers.


Rules for use:

Not many, but we'll tell you if you are eligible.



Tactics and Strategy for Teaching:

Ideas for using the BrainTrax System in YOUR classroom.



Algebra Brain in a Nutshell:

Access all the content in the Algebra Brain in a printer-friendly format.



Trigonometry Brain in a Nutshell:

Access all the content in the Trig Brain in a printer-friendly format.



What's coming:

future development of the BrainTrax System.




Some useful *.PDF documents that you can print out and read at your leisure.


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